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Every day in September 2023 I posted a new painting on Instagram in an online exhibition, and art sale, I called ’30 Days of Light.’ All the paintings that are still available can be found in my Etsy store. You can also scroll down to see the set and click an image to see more information. 

The title 30 Days of Light can really be interpreted any way you like, that’s the beauty of art, but for me, light represents inspiration, which is why a lot of the paintings are based on dance, something that I find so beautiful, and pure, as an art form. Some of the paintings were studies that I painted before moving onto a larger piece, others were small paintings in their own right.

I loved painting all of these pieces and it was a great way to have fun with paint again, to experiment and to explore new techniques. Art is always a journey and never a destination.


Each painting was created in a day in oil paints on a 20x20cm Winsor & Newton canvas board.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the pieces, and please, any questions feel free to direct message me on Instagram.


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