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Ryan is a Brighton & Hove based portrait artist who now works almost exclusively in oil paint.


He completed a degree in Art & Design and Media Studies back in the late 90s, but it was 2019 when he decided to put a 15-year career in publicity aside to once again feed his creativity and pick up a paint brush.


His portraiture comes from a fascination with people and their emotional motivation, and he seeks to find the real person behind the face that we show to the world. Sometimes all it takes is a look in the eye or a slight curve of the mouth to capture the essence of a person and this is what drives his paintings.

Through his work he seeks to find connection with people, hoping that they learn something about him and in turn learn something about themselves


“I’m not always interested in literal likeness when I paint a subject but in what gives a person their uniqueness. I love to paint something that brings joy to someone, and it really is my motivation to paint.”

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