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This one is inspired by, and painted from, an incredible photo from dancer @vasko_nasonov


It is framed in a wooden float frame and is ready to hang. 

I see a lot of pain in this figure. The muscles are tensed and the posture seems the result of a force of nature from within. I painted the background with the paint dripping down like a rain that is helping force a transformation. The end result is the real question. Is the figure changing for the better or worse? That’s up to the individual. Let me know what you think in the comments.

This piece, like each piece in the series is 20x20cm, oil paint on canvas board and was painted in a day.

The title, 30 Days of Light. can really be interpreted any way you like, that’s the beauty of art, but for me, light represents inspiration, which is why a lot of the paintings were based on dance, something that I find so beautiful and pure as an art form.

Metamorphosis | Original oil painting | Framed

  • 20x20cm | Oil paint on Winsor & Newton canvas board | Framed in wooden float frame.

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