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1. How can I buy art from your website?

1) Take a look at my work in the Shop or gallery tab and select the artwork that you like. 

2) A new PayPal window will be displayed; add your PayPal linked email and the amount of the piece and click 'pay now.'

4) Once completed the PayPal window will close and you should see a "Transaction Successful! Thank you message.

5) I will get in touch to confirm your order and the shipping details.

6) If you have any questions about the above or run into issues, do contact me! 

2. How can I pay for selected artworks?

At the moment I only accept PayPal payments through the website. Although I am working to make other forms of payment a possibility I am more than happy for you to contact me to make other arrangements through direct bank transfer. I want your experience with my site and buying my art to be as smooth as possible!


3. Is the payment secure?

Yes, PayPal takes its platform security so seriously that it offers financial rewards to computer security experts who discover any breaches, flaws and vulnerabilities in PayPal's digital data defence system.

PayPal offers buyers "payback" protection if their payments are made and they don't receive the merchandise they ordered - giving buyers some peace of mind that their money transmittal on PayPal is covered.

4. Will the work be framed?


I don't sell my work framed as I think this is a very personal decision. However, I work with a fantastic framer locally in Brighton who frames my work for my exhibitions. If you would prefer your purchase to be framed we can certainly discuss options. My stretched canvases will be fitted with a D ring and string so it can be hung without being framed too. 


5. Do you ship Worldwide?

Unfortunately not at the moment. I ship to the UK only. If you would like to discuss other options I am more than happy for you to contact me. 


6. How much does the shipping cost?

My artwork is shipped for free in the UK. 


7.How will my artwork be packaged?

My art is very special to me which is why I make every effort for it to be safely and securely packaged. 

The pieces will be wrapped in foam and/or bubble wrap with corners protected and where necessary the piece will also be surrounded with cardboard. Don't be fooled if it says Amazon on it, I recycle and reuse all the cardboard I get! Prints will be rolled in a cardboard tube. I also use 'Fragile' tape so couriers know to be careful! 


8. How do I know that I will receive the artwork I have paid for?

All artwork is shipped with reliable companies and I will provide you with a tracking number, which I too will check on to make sure everything happens on time! 


9. How long will it take for my artwork to arrive?

Delivery will usually be a week. Prints are made to order so usually take up to 2 weeks.


10. What happens if the artwork arrives damaged?

If the artwork arrives damaged, I will kindly ask you to return it to me and will reimburse you or replace it with another piece. 


11. What if I do not like the artwork I ordered?

First of all I'd be mortified! But, I understand that sometimes this could happen. In the event that you don't like the work I will work with you to find a solution by either replacing the artwork or giving you a full refund once I have received the piece back from you. 


12. Can I commission artwork?

Absolutely! Just fill out the Contact page and let me know what you are thinking. Then we can start to discuss the details. 


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